Super Bowl 50 Road Closures and Detours

While you are out and about getting the wings, pigs in a blanket, chips and dips, here is a map of the street closures and detours – they are mostly near the Ferry Bldg, South Beach and parts of SOMA.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!  And the parties.



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New Mission Bay Condos Coming Next Spring

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The plan calls for 350 new condos at 1000 Channel Street along with a luxury Marriott Hotel on the other side.  Who remembered when it was unsafe to go to China Basin?  With the Golden State Warriors coming to this area, you can expect there will be further developments along with existing condo buildings like Arden, Madrone and the Radiance.

Image courtesy of http://www.onemissionbay.com/

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Warriors Win Again

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The San Francisco Planning Commission unanimously approved plans for the Golden State Warriors Mission Bay arena yesterday.  It’s looking more likely the reigning Champions will be making their move to San Francisco in the coming years.

Please read more here.


No More Touchless Car Wash on Divisadero?

Neighborhood Associations gathered together to address 2 development projects plan for the Divisadero corridor.  As a Realtor, getting more housing helps our business as we have limited inventory in the City for buyers and renters.  I used to live in the Lower Haight area and enjoyed the revitalization of small restaurants and boutique shops on Divis.  It’s great to see the community reach out to City heads to voice their concern and I hope these developments will be inline with the aesthetic of this wonderful area .  You can read more here.


And more on the preliminary details of this development from Hoodline.


Barry Zito is Back!

I’m taking a slight detour from Real Estate news and wanted to share my thoughts on Zito’s return to the Oakland A’s.  A career is built on ups and downs.  Zito was at the top of his game pitching for the A’s to start his career, winning the Cy Young award.  He signed a big contract to go play for the Giants in 2006.  Those Giants years were a disappointment on an individual level for him.  Despite losing plenty of games, being mocked in the social media for his large contract, Zito stood tall and play a crucial part in the 2012 World Series.  Now he is back for the final few games of the 2015 season.  Way to go Zito.

Here is a nice piece from Ann Killion on his return.